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Dog Grooming

We offer breed specific haircuts, Asian styles or any styles that meet your special needs. All grooming sessions includes:

• Bath, nail trim, clean ears with plucking if required, anal glands (upon request) brushing until knot-free.
• We only use the Australian naturally made Plush Puppy range shampoos and conditioners which have been dermatologically and microbiologically tested and it safe for your dogs and cats.


Types of Grooming Services

A Full Groom includes:

Bathing, drying and brushing, a hygienic clip (around the bottom and genitals). Clipping nails, cleaning ears and a stylish clip (haircut). No extra charge for anal gland expression or plucking the ears.

  • Mini dogs from $55
  • Small Dogs from $60
  • Medium Dogs from $70
  • Large dogs from $80
  • Extra Large dogs from $95
  • Double coated breeds Huskies,German Shepherds, Samoyeds and other heavy shedders priced on appraisal


A tidy up includes: Bathing, drying and brushing and a hygienic clip. Trimming the fur on the face and head, around the paws and clipping the nails and cleaning the ears.

  • Small dogs from $45
  • Medium dogs from $55
  • Large dogs from $65
  • Double-coated breeds that are typically brushed out instead of cut are classed as Full Grooms


Wash and Blow Dry: Washing, drying and brushing the dog, No trimming or Dematting.

  • Small dogs from $36
  • Medium dogs from $43
  • Large dogs from $60
  • Huskies, German Shepherds and other typical heavy shedders priced on appraisal

Hand Stripping: On suitable breeds the coat is meant to be stripped instead of clipped. When done correctly it doesn’t hurt and encourages the coat to grow back vibrantly, with beautiful rich colour and shine. It is a time-consuming, specialist process, but it will last longer and keep your dog looking fantastic. Includes a bath and dry, nails, ears and glands on request.

  • Small dogs from $90
  •  Medium dogs from $120
  • Large dogs from $150


Cat Grooming

Cats are charged based on time and services performed so prices are an indication only.

  • Spot-shaving of matting from $15
  • Undercarriage shaved from $35
  • Most or all of body shaved from $60
  • Wash and dry short-haired from $50
  • Wash and dry long-haired from $60
  • Brushing and deshedding $30-$60
  • Full Groom, Wash and Dry, Nail plus whole body shave – from $85 (priced on time taken)
  • Nails only   $10 (included in the price of all cat services)

**we can’t guarantee we can do each cat, so for the new clients that never been visited us before we strongly recommend to bring your cat first let us to have a try before you make an appointment, some cats are really sensitive with the vibration of the clippers and some are very reject to the brushes, for that case, we recommend to take your cat to see a groomer who are conjunction with the vets because we can’t sedate your cat and our equipment is really sharp so we don’t want force your cat to cooperate with the process and it will be so stressful and dangerous for both your cat and our groomer.

Mini Services

It typically take 5-10 minutes.

  • Walk-in nails $10 (included with all grooms)
  • Face Trim from $10
  • Teeth brushed $10


Add-Ons and Extras

You can add these services to any groom or bath. Please note that if we find your dog or cat has serious fleas problem we have the right to reschedule your appointment until your dog or cat has been fully flea treated.

  • Medicated shampoo $5-$10
  • Flea shampoo $5-$10



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